Michael Coleman

The Longford Collector (Reel) | Tunes From Doolin | Irish Traditional Music

Longford Collector (The)

The Longford Collector¬†is the second tune of one of Irish traditional music’s most famous sets of reels, from the playing of Michael Coleman : “The Tarbolton”, “The Longford Collector” and “The Sailor’s Bonnet”.

Jim Coleman's Hornpipe | Tunes From Doolin | Irish Traditional Music

Jim Coleman’s

“Jim Coleman’s Hornpipe” is named after Michael Coleman’s brother who was, as far as I know, a flute player. I heard this tune played by the great banjo player from Doolin, Kevin Griffin, during a session at Gus O’Connor’s Pub. However, I actually learned it later John Wynne’s album “With Every Breath”.