About Tunes From Doolin

A collection of Irish Traditional Music from Doolin, Co. Clare

A personal project since 2011

Charles comes from the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland originally, but now lives in Doolin, on the West Coast of Clare.

He came to Ireland for the first time in 2006. He didn’t know much about Irish music back then, but started playing the tin whistle that summer. 18 months later, he decided to move on to the concertina, which is now his main instrument, and he also tries to learn the C#/D accordion at the moment.

After his first summer in Doolin, Charles went back to Switzerland and joined the local session there with only a few tunes. Weeks after weeks, slowly, he learned more tunes. He got help and constant encouragement from many friends over the years during his regular visits to Doolin.

Eventually, Charles moved to Doolin permanently in 2010 and Tunes From Doolin kept growing alongside his repertoire.

In 2018, Charles and two of his friends, Mathew & Gerry, decided to get together to produce some Irish Traditional Music Videos, as they were all looking to use and develop their skills in video production. And thus was born “Spirit of Doolin“.

As to the end of 2019, they have released 10 videos featuring some of the best musicians in the area including James Cullinan, Josephine Marsh, Christy Barry, Noel O’Donoghue, Eugene Lambe & many others.

Charles had also wanted to organise some concerts for quite a while as he felt there was a lack of opportunity for local musicians to share their music in an intimate setting. With the support of Spirit of Doolin, he launched the “Concerts at the Cave”, which was a series of 8 concerts in July & August 2019.

The concerts, which were all acoustic and took place in the café at Doolin Cave, were a great success and Charles hope to organise more concerts in the near future.

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