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Welcome to the Tunes From Doolin Podcast

The Tunes From Doolin Podcast is an Irish Traditional Music interview series featuring musicians from County Clare and beyond, who visit your host, Charles Monod, in Doolin. We are guided on each episode by tunes picked and played by our guest and we talk about various topics such as sources of inspiration, repertoire, style, memories and much, much more.

The Tunes From Doolin Podcast made possible thanks to the support of Clare County Council through the Community Support Scheme 2021 and 2022.

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The Podcast is part of a wider project called Tunes From Doolin, which includes :

  • An archive featuring 400+ traditional Irish tunes collected in and around Doolin.
  • A YouTube Channel with videos of tunes from the archives played simply and at a relaxed pace, in order to provide support for people learning those tunes.
  • The “Aughavinna” album and its tunebook, recorded together with fiddle player JB Samzun.
  • The Tunes From Doolin Podcast

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