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Tunes From Doolin is a non-profit personal project.
It is a very time consuming hobby which also has some costs and your support will help to keep the site up and running.

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Why support Tunes From Doolin ?

A few facts about the project

Tunes From Doolin is a personal project that Charles started in 2011. Charles has spent countless hours learning music, transcribing tunes and creating the original website and this new 2020 version.

A website isn’t free and if Charles could cover the costs he would be very grateful to all those who wish to contribute.

Webhosting is €61.44 per year, the domain name is €14.70 per year and SSL Certificate is €36.89 per year. That’s a total of €113.03 per year just for the basics.

In order to actually built this website, I use a page builder plugin called Elementor Pro which costs €49 per year.

So the overall total cost of running the website is €162.03 per year.

Charles spent about 50 hours building the architecture of this website as of January 2020, and it takes half an hour extra for each new tune that is being published.

The old version of the website was built in old HTML coding fashion and Charles never kept track of the hours he spent on it.

Charles spends on average about half an hour for each tune to be published on Tunes From Doolin.

The process involves transcribing the tune in ABC format by ear, creating the music sheet (and cropping and resizing it), creating the featured image, writing a description (which includes some research occasionally), and finally posting each element on the blog before clicking the publish button.

You can donate as little as you want, every little helps! If I was to make a suggestion, you could for example “sponsor a tune” for €10. As a thank you, I will send you a digital copy of my album “Aughavinna”, a fiddle and concertina duet album with my friend JB Samzun released in 2020.

For every donation of €20 or more you will receive the actual CD of “Aughavinna”, shipped directly to your home!

Charles is hoping to record a video for each tune on Tunes From Doolin, and hopefully he will be able to feature some of the amazing musicians that he gets to play with as well!

He is also going to post more new tunes on a regular basis and has the idea of publishing an actual tunebook, but that’ll take some time.