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Stone of Destiny

“Stone of Destiny” is a beautiful reel composed by fiddle player Maurice Lennon (son of the great Ben Lennon from Leitrim, and nephew of the famous composer Charlie Lennon). I learned this tune from my friend JB, a great fiddle player from Britanny. Liam O’Brien, a wonderful concertina player from Miltown Malbay, recorded this tune on his album “The Lane”.

Watch the video below to listen to the tune!

T:Stone Of Destiny
C:Maurice Lennon
|:BddB G2Bd|d2Bd edBA|BddB G2Bd|gedB A2Bd|
edBA B~G3|B2AG EGGE|D~G3 D2GB|1 dBAB G2GA:|2 dBAB G2Gd|
|:edBA B~G3|B2AG EGDd|edBA BGGA|BGdB A2 (3Bcd|
edBA B~G3|B2AG EGGE|D~G3 D2GB|1 dBAB G2Gd:|2 dBAB G4||

3 thoughts on “Stone of Destiny”

  1. itd be nice if you put the music e.g B D’ D’ B G– BD’D’ B D’ E’ D’ B A And so on just for beginners,
    thanks though anyway.

    1. Hi “anonymous” 🙂 Thanks for visiting my website and for your comment 🙂

      I know what you mean, however you have to realise that there are several different ways of writing ABCs and there’s no consensus on what is “the right way”. So what seems to be a beginner notation for you would make no sense to someone else… The digital ABC notation (the one I use on this site) is really the most common way of writing ABCs online and it allows the ABCs to be interepreted by various softwares that can play them for you, generate sheet music, etc. (softwares like ABC Navigator, etc.).

      If you use online resources to learn tunes, I would highly recommend getting familiar with the digital ABC notation. You can find all the explanation here: . It’s really not that tricky and you’d get used to it fairly fast!

      I do provide “classic” ABCs on request to my subscribers on Patreon though, so feel free to join and support there:

      Best regards from Doolin and thanks again,

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