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Jack Rowe’s

“Jack Rowe’s” is an old Clare reel that I associate with the playing of Peader O’Loughlin and Maeve Donnelly, it is the opening tune on their classic album “The Thing Itself”. James Cullinan & PJ Crotty also recorded a great version of this tune on their album “Happy To Meet”, which is one of my all time favourites.

My friend JB Samzun (fiddle) and myself actually recorded this tune on our album “Aughavinna”, which we released in October 2020. If you would like to support Tunes From Doolin, you can order an album here.

T:Jack Rowe’s
|:g2ge f~d3|efge fedf|e~B3 efge|fdef g2gf|
gbag e2ge|dBBA BAGF|GBdB A2BA|1GEDE G2 (3Bcd:|2GEDE G2 (3EFG||

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