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Christmas Eve

“Christmas Eve” is a very popular session tune, and not only at Christmas time! This reel was composed by fiddle player Tommy Coen and I learned it from Hugh Healy & Colm Healy’s album “Macalla na hÓige”, which came out in 2004 and is full of great tunes.

T:Christmas Eve
C:Tommy Coen
|:BABd edeg|a2ge g2ge|a2ge ~g3e|dedB A2GA|
BA (3Bcd edeg|a2ge ~g3e|a2ge dBGB|1 ABGE ~G3A:|2 ABGE G2dc||
|:B~G3 DGBd|e~g3 egdc|B~G3 dGBG|E~A3 EAcA|
BGG2 DG (3Bcd|e~g3 egdg|b2ag edBG|1 ABGE G2dc:|2 ABGE G2GE||

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