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Castletown Connors

“Castletown Connors” is a jig I learned while I was working at Magnetic Music Café, my first ever job in Doolin. It actually featured on a compilation album from The Irish Folk Festival 2001, which I enjoyed listening to while working, and was played by the band Na Dórsa (feat. Paul Bradly, Martin Quinn, Tiarnán Ó Duinnchin among others). I’ve always liked this tune and you hear it in session every now and then. It was also recorded by Máirtín O’Connor on his album “The Connachtman’s Rambles”.

T:Castletown Connors
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1 thought on “Castletown Connors”

  1. Hi Charles. Firstly, congratulations on a great website. Lovely choice of tunes and very helpful to both the reasonably experienced and the beginner musician alike. As regards this particular tune, it’s taken me several years for the penny to drop that with the parts reversed and the key changed to A Dorian, this is also known as Condon’s Frolics as played by – among others – Paddy Keenan (on Poirt An Phíobaire if memory serves me right, with spine-tingling backing by Arty McGlynn).

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