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Black Pat’s

“Black Pat’s” is a composition of Tommy Peoples’. He wrote and recorded the tune in F, but this version in G comes from the playing of his daughter Síobhan Peoples, on her duet album “Time on our Hands” with accordion player Murty Ryan.

T:Black Pat’s
C:Tommy Peoples
|:G2GB e2dB|ADBA GEDE|G2GB edBA|Bdgb a2ga|
b~g3 aged|B2dB AGED|G2GB eddB|ADBA G2BA:|
G2GA GEDE|~G3A Bdga|b~g3 ageg|dgba g3g|
~G3A GEDE|G2GA Bdga|b~g3 ageg|dgba g2ga||
|:b2bg egdg|gedB G2ga|b2gd b2gd|eaag a2ga|
~b3g egdg|gedB dega|bgag eddB|1 ADBA G2ga:|2 ADBA G2BA||

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