The Back of the Haggard (slide) | Tunes From Doolin | Irish Traditional Music

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Back of the Haggard (The)

I learned this slide from Eugene Lambe, a great piper and whistle player who did a huge amount of work recording the older musicians of North Clare back in the early 90s. Eugene himself learned “The Back of the Haggard” from the playing of Micho Russell.

I had the opportunity to spend time with Eugene Lambe and learn tunes from him directly thanks to the support of Clare County Council through the Clare Local Area Grant Scheme 2023.

T:Back Of The Haggard (The)
S:Eugene Lambe (Micho Russell)
|:B2d c2A BAG E2D|~G3 BAG A3 A2D|
B2d c2A BAG E2D|~G3 B2A G3 G2A:||
|:~A3 A2G F2G A2B|cBc e2d B3 B2G|
B2d c2A BAG E2D|~G3 B2A G3 G2A:||

Supported by Clare County Council through the Clare Local Area Grant Scheme 2023.

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