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Around The Fairy Fort

“Around The Fairy Fort” is a barndance composed by Vincent Broderick. I picked it up at a session in McCarthy’s of Coore during Willie Clancy Week 2014, from my friend Samuel König, a great fiddle player from Switzerland. It is usually followed by an other barndance from Vincent Broderick called “The New Broom”, which I also learned at that session.

T:Around The Fairy Fort
C:Vincent Broderick
F2F2 FEDF|A2A2 A2FA|dcBA BAFE|1 F2D2 D2DE:|2 F2D2 D2FA||
|:d2d2 d2cd|e2e2 e2fe|defg agfe|f2B2 B2AB|
d2d2 d2cd|e2e2 e2fe|dcBA BAFE|1 F2D2 D2FA:|2 F2D2 D2DE||

2 thoughts on “Around The Fairy Fort”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m learning to transpose by ear and find it good to validate against the written transcript.
    Kind of you too share.
    Got any others?

    1. Hi Ed! You’re very welcome, glad it helped! Not sure what you meant about transposing though, did you learn this tune in another key first? If I’m not mistaking Vincent Broderick composed it in D and that’s the only key I ever heard it in, but maybe I’m wrong!

      If you want to check a few other barndances I’ve transcribed a few in the “Other Tunes” section :

      Hope that helps and best regards from Doolin,

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